2021 Lift Your League Fundraiser



Ridgefield Little League is a vital part of our community, providing children with a wonderful opportunity to play baseball and softball with their friends and classmates. Our league has been in Ridgefield since 1986 and during that time, we’ve helped to bring parents, players, and families together around the game, instilling valuable life lessons that last far beyond the ballpark. 

As you well know, generating an annual budget and securing operating funds are challenging for all volunteer-based organizations. Ridgefield Little League is no different, which is why we are participating, operating and conducting this fundraiser. For the coming season, we invite you to join us in supporting the Little League experience by participating in our fundraising campaign. 

With your support, we hope to continue providing a valuable connection to our local community by offering our players, coaches, volunteers, and supporters a safe and meaningful baseball and softball experience. There is no greater sense of pride and achievement than seeing a child smile while succeeding, and learning to overcome failure, all while having fun playing a game. 


Local Sponsors