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    Tee-Ball Intro Sessions

    Tee-Ball Sessions are for new Tee-Ball players only. In these 1 hours instructional sessions, our Tee-Ball coaches will instuct the players on basic safety rules, the basic skils for batting, catching, thowing and the game format for Tee-Ball games.

    Tee-Ball provides basic fundamentals of the game (Baseball & Softball) and introduces players to the concept of team play. Batting is off a Tee and soft safety balls are used. Scores are not recorded and teams switch offense and defense after everyone bats. There will be 10-12 games played on weekdays and/or Saturdays, and generally 1 or 2 practices during the week. Coaches pick practice times and days. Boys & Girls are combined.

    These sessions will be held at the RHS Fieldhouse on Saturday Feburary 15th in 2 seperate sessions - NOTE: These sessions are FREE but are limited to 25 players per session - If you are not able to attend please DO NOT register.

    Session #1 - 1pm to 2pm

    Session #2 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm

    Please have your player dress in athletic clothes (no need for cleats as this will be at the RHS Indoor Fieldhouse on turf.) Please bring a glove, bat & helmet if you have it. (There will be limited helmets and bats available for borrowing during the session.)

    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the session so we can get your player checked in and ready to start.

    The RHS Fieldhouse location directions can be found here:

    Also if you would like to volunteer as a coach or assist in coaching please signup on the link for Coaches/Umpire/Volunteers on the main page of our website. Or you can register onsite at the Tee-Ball Session on Feb 15th.

    If you have any questions please email us at